Douche Reel


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bobby K, Ohio

I'm going to leave this one open to who ever wants a crack at this Douche Tiger. Email your slam to and I will post the funniest ones.

Randy Master Blaster, Irving TX

You got to be joking. Is this guy a member of the The Village People? Y-M-C-A Douche has to hate sitting on his Douche saddle. My ass cheeks hurt just thinking about it. This is myspace people, what the Fuck are you thinking while going through what pictures to post. Some please give this guy a reach-a-round to make sure his ego stays at inflated. If he keeps it up he will Boot Scoot and Buggy his way into the Douchebag Hall of fame.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I don't know what fire this Douchehose think he's putting out. How would you like to slide down the pole at the fire house after Mr. Swave here. Ya..Not pretty. I will give him one thing....Girls do love the whole fireman thing, I can vouch for that :-)

Cherokee Dragon

It takes many years of discipline and dedication to become a Douche Ninja. Beware of this type of douche as they poses mystical powers. These powers are sought after by many.

Ladies please stop falling for these Douche Twinkies as they seem to be growing in numbers with every successful hook-up.

RR Douche

Like all bags, this douche muffin loves to gaze at himself in the mirror while one of his douchemates takes the picture. Love the colorful star speedo's but what's up with that pose? I could only imagine what this guy is thinking while all this is going on. If any of you douche-boxes out there want to enlighten us with some insight it would be greatly appreciated.


Julian is a Chip-n-Douche dancer out of Houston TX who loves to dance for the ladies. He takes $1, $5, $10,$20...... Got to give him props though, getting paid to be a Douchebag is a hell of a lot better than being one for free. We also have to thank him for the plethora of future Douche post. Looking through this guys friends was overwhelming, I mean real Douche overload, causing me to have to turn off my computer.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

El Chingon Q

This guy takes the douche cake, International douche status with his juiced out marrrrriachi picture found in one of his many albums. I don't think I've ever seen so many pictures of ones self on any myspace profile. This is one profile you can check out when needing some entertainment.